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If only there was a way to punish those yellow idiots I placed an order and made payments through Western Union and expected them to act quickly since I was leaving my present address. Todate they have not responded to advise whether they received the money or not. I made order number in order to replace earlier order of which the delivery address is now to be delivered to Zambia instead of South Sudan where I am.

Two weeks now they are not telling me any thing and the order is still pending. I could not use the same MTCN number for the same order but instead have written to sates unfortunately, there is no feedback. Either they do not understand English or they are just adamant and cannot respond.


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I will not order anything from them again. I bought a phone from this site. When I order it it was stated that it is in stock. Then in a week or so they wrote on their site that it is on pre sale and that it will be in stock next week. When that date was reached they changed the date for another 10 days. When you write to them you get only short answer like ''please wait''.

Now I'm still waiting and i think that phone will never arrive, or it will arrive defective and money refund is only a dream! I ordered a 3rd party like a FitBit, it came on a few times but would never work properly. They gave me a few suggestions to try but never worked then I asked for a refund or replacement. Then they said I would need to ship it back to China, that was more than crazy it would cost 2 or 3 times what I paid for it. I opened a case with PayPal and Paypal saw it in my favor.

Just a warning before you order from this place. I never recieved their items,and they never replied to my mail about this issue. I received them yesterday, 25 days after ordering. If you consider the price and the free standard shipping, this is what you can expect from a Chinese seller shipping items to Germany. The in-ears are all genuine and they all work.

ISSUE 1: It a pre-sale item that was supposed to be shipped by November 30, This never happened. I contacted Tinydeal to inquire about the delay and they informed me that they did not have the product in stock. I finally received the item on January 16, ISSUE 2: The Mi Band that I received is defective as it does not count steps, track sleep, or measure my heart rate. Plain and simple, the band does not work at all.

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I immediately contacted Xiaomi USA Customer Support and the representative attempted to troubleshoot the issue with me. I was told to un-pair the device and re-pair it, delete the Mi Fit app and re-install etc. Nothing worked and the device is still defective. I have contacted Tinydeal to explain my problem. The customer service representative Chessy has been extremely unhelpful and has instructed me to do the same things that the XIAOMI representative told me to do. I told her that I have already attempted to troubleshoot the issues but had no success. Subsequently, I have asked for a replacement device on numerous occasions.

However, my requests have been ignored. She responds by asking me to take videos of the malfunctioning device and then telling me that the band is supposed to function this way. I have submitted numerous videos as proof and she is still ignoring my request for a refund. I have sent many emails back and forth with her and am getting nowhere. I have come to the conclusion that I will not be getting a replacement device nor my money back. The problem is that i have to deal now with custom fees..

Be advised that when a buyer buy there are only this options for shipping 1 free post china non tracked 2 free post china tracked 3 netherlands post with more money 4 courier There is NO selection for SG post singapoure. I ordered two Mi Bands from them.

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One did not work. After seeing my review here, TinyDeals gave me a full refund, and I was able to purchase a replacement band that works fine. No complaints at this point. Afyer one week they sens me an urgent enail that my phone was out of stock and I would be refunded. Inxould chose if I would get a refund on my bankaccount of website points TD points. But they also wrote that with TD points I would safe oj handling costs.. I was think how can it be that I have to pay for handling costs if you make the misstake but to be safe I selected to be refunded in TD points.

I wanted to buy another phone at their website.. I had to wait a week to receive those TD points. But when I did it was less than what I payed for the phone. After sending several emails the amound of TD points increased a little. So after almost 2 weeks I could finally order a new phone.

I obviously mailed with customer aupport about this. But they either dont understand engliah or they try really hard not understand. In fact I wrote them this entire story five times. And the last reply I got was: Do you have any other questions? My advise: I had very good ezperience wirh Pandawill, including their customerservice. Luckily i lost ONLY 4. Even if i was protected from Paypal they accept to refound me. The problem is that they didn't send back money at all.

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They charge a sort of "TD points" to spend for another item, they want you order another thing. The trick is we can't get back money but also can't get back the total value spent. Both of the phones were initialized from Hong Kong.

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I paid 33 euros import taxes to DHL, plus the package only contained one of the phones. They had also declared 80 euros of package value instead of to save money. After a few days of waiting for their emails, I claimed a refund through Paypal, for the phone I didn't get. They refused the refund and told me the second phone is on its way, providing me with a tracking number of Regular Post even though I had paid for DHL.

It has been more than one month and the phone has not reached me. I paid for DHL transport and the indicated time was days. The second one, is now stuck somewhere in Finland, after 35 days, as you can see for yourselves by searching for this parcel code: Some more things they told me after inquiries: They sent one of the phones through regular post because it was in another stock.

They sent me an email, promising a refund since the item was returned to them. That happened a week ago. There is no refund yet. They won't even reply to my emails..

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Someone shut this company down please.. This is illegal Want proof? Here if you still doubt it, ask me to forward you the email: Please choose a method you prefer below, so that we can resolve your problem as quickly as possible. Please modify your negative review about us into a positive one on site resellerating. TD points can be used to make a purchase on our site and can be used as discount. We can also refund you the total value of PEPPP in cash preferably via Paypal , in exchange of a positive review.

If you have any further questions, please let us know by email. This communication is dedicated to this order, not available for any further problems, please keep it private. Best Wishes TinyDeal. If you wish to reply to this company, simply hit reply or compose a new email to service[at]tinydeal. After 8 months since my purchase, I was contacted by the customer service, which had clear intentions to refund me, initially for the import taxes, and later for my phone. Even though I had a terrible initial experience, I now change this review to 4 stars due to the refund which I appreciate even though it came late.

They probably changed personnel and I would like to encourage them to continue on the same path. Tinydeal offered me "express shipping" day delivery for which I paid for just to find out that it was going to take all month to get to me, if it even does. I tried to email them and have receive no response other than a shipping address confirmation, auto responses telling me their hours of business, and advertisements.

When emails failed to work I got in contact with a customer service rep who kept copying and pasting the same things over and over. When I finally got her to "help" me she gave me some stupid tracking number that didn't even match the original number given to me when my order "shipped". It says on my invoice that the order shipped on the 1st and she insisted that it shipped on the 3rd.

Replaceable Sealed Simple Package Xiaomi Miband 2 Mi Band Wrist Strap Wristband for Xiaomi MiBand 2

She also proceeded to inform me that they answered my emails and when I checked all of my folders I didn't have any. I have been on them for days about my order and can not get a direct answer as to how to track my order correctly, how to get a refund, and why no one will answer my emails. The customer service reps also will kick you out of a chat with them at any time and will not allow you back on even though the site says they offer live chat services. It is infuriating to try and get anything solved.

Do not order from this site!!! As I read many many negetive comments about tinydeal, but I ordered a smartphone which costed ,00 Euro. We make every effort to make the quickest replies. Add a comment 0 Was this review helpful to you? Showing 1 reviews Please Login first if you want to submit your product review. Sorry, but you only can make review on this product after purchasing it.

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Smart watch mi band 2 Smart bracelet No. View Larger. RUB Save more. Download Our App Today. Warehouse China. Wish List Product Features: When you are too busy to forget the time, the bracelet will gently vibrate, remind you to get up and walk, wake up a better physical condition. When the Android phone is close to the bound millet bracelet 3, the phone automatically unlocks. The main body of the bracelet is only 8. It has a high energy density lithium polymer battery and can be charged once. It can last up to 20 days or more even if it is used frequently.

Product Specifications: Package Contents: Estimated Delivery Note: There is no customer images yet. Upload your image. There is no customer videos yet. Upload your video.

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