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    Sourcing from the largest wooden vat capacity producer in Modena, Italy, FIORE presents the highest quality, full array of aceto balsamico condimento. The traditional Solera method, a process of transferring the cooked grape must through a series of large wooden vats yields balsamic vinegar unmatched in the broad commercial market.

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    Trebbiano grapes are harvested and crushed. The cooked grape must is then aged for up to 12 and 18 years prior to decanting, packaging and transport to America. Along with the traditional style aged 12 and 18 years infusions of dried fruit, fruit juices and natural flavors are offered.

    The Trebbiano grapes are cultivated, harvested and crushed at the Villa San Donnino in the autumn of each year. The cooked grape must is stored until mid-winter. At this time of year, the aged grape must is decanted from the batteria in the attics of the Villa and submitted to the Consortio di Produttori in Modena.

    The cooked grape must, stored since the autumn is then added to the batteria where it begins its aging. Three grades of aged balsamic are designated Affinato Aged a minimum of 12 years , Extravecchio Aged a minimum of 25 years and Riserva Oro, Aged a minimum of years This prized Aceto Balsamico is the treasure of Modena, and highly regarded by balsamic afficionados worldwide. From the fruit to the bottle, FIORE maximizes the authenticity of its products by limiting transport and air contamination.

    This allows the consumer the ability to craft unique blends of extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars to their desired tastes. The oils and vinegars are then individually bottled and sealed on-site for purchase.

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