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Written quotations are available from individual lenders.

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Loans are subject to status and valuation and are not available to persons under the age of All rates are subject to change without notice. Please check all rates and terms with your lender or financial adviser before undertaking any borrowing. Leanne Macardle , last updated: Please send me Weekend Moneyfacts, Savers Friend and selected third party offers.

How much will I pay monthly? Work out how much your monthly mortgage repayments will be. More good news for people looking for a fixed rate mortgage: Moneyfacts new Mortgage Trends Treasury Despite the bank of England raising the base rate to 0. The mortgage rate war is still very much at hand, with our latest research revealing that the rate g Borrowers weighing up their mortgage options may be wondering which way to turn, as while two and fi The easy route is via a comparison site.

Some sites only list deals available to brokers, missing out those where lenders only deal direct.

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Full market comparisons include my own MoneySavingExpert. The only deals then missed are the rare exclusives some brokers have. The smaller a mortgage, the bigger the impact of fees. T he days when lenders would fling deals out to any Tom, Dick or Sally are long gone. Getting accepted is now the challenge.

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Those with a poor credit history will struggle. Avoid any applications that leave a footprint on your file — such as credit cards, contract mobile phones or monthly car insurance — in the few months before applying for your mortgage. Never withdraw cash on credit cards or take payday loans. Go through your files line by line. There are now affordability checks to pass too. Here your incomings and outgoings are examined to see if you could afford the mortgage if interest rates rose to 7pc.

Compare your current deal to a potential new one. It also offers an extra layer of protection if things go wrong, and they carry more clout with lenders to ease acceptance.

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However, some competitive lenders, such as Yorkshire Building Society, Tesco Bank and to an extent HSBC, sell their mortgages direct to the public, cutting brokers out. It is expressed as a percentage.

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Lisa Parker Published 11 December The LTV affects the amount you can borrow, and the rate you can borrow at. The lower the LTV, the better the mortgage rates available to you will be. To find out which mortgage deals you are likely to be eligible for, you will need to work out your LTV, which means establishing what percentage of the property value you need to borrow, and how much you can cover with your deposit.

You can do this by dividing your mortgage amount by the value of the property.

You then multiply this number by to get your LTV. The lower your LTV, the wider your choice of mortgages will be.

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Lenders usually offer their most competitive mortgage deals to borrowers they consider lower risk, which means homebuyers with a big deposit to put down, or those who own a substantial amount of equity in their property if remortgaging. If you have additional savings available, it therefore may be worth considering using these to reduce your mortgage amount, as this could ultimately get you a better mortgage deal and save you money in the long run. Always make sure you keep some savings available that you can use in the event of an emergency. The good news is that recent years have seen increasing numbers of lenders launch high LTV deals, although the rates offered will be higher compared to lower LTV mortgages.

Bear in mind too that buy-to-let mortgage rates will usually be higher than residential rates. Give our expert advisers a call to discuss your options. How much will it cost?

best 95 mortgage deals uk Best 95 mortgage deals uk
best 95 mortgage deals uk Best 95 mortgage deals uk
best 95 mortgage deals uk Best 95 mortgage deals uk
best 95 mortgage deals uk Best 95 mortgage deals uk
best 95 mortgage deals uk Best 95 mortgage deals uk
best 95 mortgage deals uk Best 95 mortgage deals uk

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