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Smite matchmaking is broken. David darkstarqc reported 2 days ago threedog64 smitegame Literally happened to me 10 minutes ago in Assault. Burn us, boil us, flood us again. I see you releasing updates for skins and old joust but not fixing issues with gameplay which is unplayable at the moment?! Reply With", If i dont then i get timed-out from the server.

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Just had a sol carry go sprint and thorns Gunnar Mooney GunnarMooney reported 2 days ago smitegame since the last two patches im continuing to lose connection to your servers and getting penalties because im being kicked mid match please adress this issue this. The, coupon System in, smite consists of virtual coupons that can be used to purchase.

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Vanity case groupon While there are reputable, professional hvac cleaning services out there, there are scams as well. Prestashop coupon The PrestaShop coupon discount will adjust your order total. A very bad circumstance. I thought when I block some idiot means I wont see him again but yet I get same idiot 2 minutes later in next match I wanted to play!?

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Robert Honl RobMob reported 2 days ago smitegame My full season rewards got reset as well i hope this is fixed soon i was almost to the loading frame and not sure. Mason Sullivan MasonSulli reported 17 hours ago OldSchoolRS hey osrs why don't y'all fix it where we can smite kids again with the bgs all these pvm nerds complained that they was tired of it well shit we piers are tired of item!

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Every day you guys go under maintenance and it just gets worse and we get nothing out of this. SMITEGame I sent in a support ticket my response was to keep up to date with the social media pages about this matter being addressed, so I came here and saw that Smite was being updated to fix this issue today, which obviously isn't fixed and now i'm being ignored. I've spent hundreds on Smite over the years and I feel like some of the same bugs are in the game that were here from the beginning when I started.

Some of the same server issues. Controller disconnects randomly. I could go on and on and on.

PROJECT OLYMPUS Changes in Smite 5.5

ForHonorGame may have its issues, but anyone can see that the development team is at least trying. At least throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks. I've got invites for joining a Clan and I can't decline them because the buttons are not working. I'm on Xbox and it needs to be fixed.

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Btw 4 times fixing the cross play sucks. Find and fix it. Thank you for the feedback and explanation of what was being done HiRezStudios Support when I brought up Smite issues via ticket labelled feedback: Games unplayable!

Smite Patch Notes 5.5 released, Check out New God Skins and More

Fix it! Aight we'll fix it. Messing with code means things will randomly break. So the commendation system is fixed but the reporting system is broken.

Most Reported Problems:

I rather have broken commendation system rather then not being able to report! Idk what the issue with merc is but they dont publicize it for obvious reasons. If you toggle with that, it should fix this for you. This is a temporary workaround while we fix it. Thank you for the report!

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