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Likewise they have no credit checks, age limits, contracts, monthly bills nor activation fees.

Tons of plans. Including the perfect one for you.

While the program is designed to work with specific phones the website, while dependent on the location of where the phone will be most used, lists the Samsung Galaxy S, and the iPhone 4 among its best-selling phones , certain locations will offer the sale of just a SIM card to use with any mobile device. The most reliable vendor of their SIM cards, aside from the website directly, is the Wal-Mart superstores. While the SIM card will work with most iPhone 4 devices, it provides only 3G service, which, currently, is not at all useful in terms of reliability or speed.

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Other common complaints about the service in regards to its use with an iPhone is the fact that it does not support Visual Voicemail, so there is some service loss. On a daily basis, that limit amounts to MB of use a day; any customer who violates that limit will then begin to receive messages warning of excessive use, and continued use will even result in termination of service. All the while the warnings and threats of termination occur, service speed decreases, slowing down service.

In addition, many customers find that MB per day is more than enough data for most surfing needs, particularly because of the much wider availability of free wi-fi that can pick up where data plans leave off.

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Heavy data users or users who want to exploit the full use of LTE services might not benefit greatly. For light users, or users who are moderate in their data usage, Straight Talk might be one of the better options rather than committing to a plan with one of the more popular providers. While the service prevents any roaming charging, one of the many complaints regards the limiting of their data usage and the lack of usage of the Visual Voice Mail for iPhone users.

Also, there tends to be some confusion during online purchases of their SIM cards: We were like, "Wait a minute You know those things are super free and anyone can sign up for, like, a hundred email addresses, right?

Looking for hidden deals? Just shop through this link to activate deals! If you're looking to save some money on personal phone service, consider Straight Talk! From the dawn of time, humanity has reckoned with the mysteries of the universe. Thanks to science, we've figured most of that stuff out. That's why Groupon's introducing a little mystery back into the modern world with this stellar deal from Straight Talk.

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You've got the phone. Now all you need is cool gear to kit that ol' boy out with! Click here to save on everything from Bluetooth speakers to a bunch of other stuff! Straight Talk has deals for you!

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    For a limited time! If you're not Androiding, you're just not doing it right! It's even less if you sign up for a full year!

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