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quick ways to rack up MEOW coupons?

Bubblegum Thanks! Everybody shared some great tips but something like that particularly was what I was looking for I'll get playing! Quick question, how do I access the mini games? I just did the update, so I'm still fairly new with the features. You can easily get these items through fortune cookies if you are lucky enough to get them or the easy way through certain Amiibo special visitors.

If you don't have 4 characters, every new character starts with 10 free coupons. Only thing with that is they then need to hangout overnight.

I'm doing that to just try and build up coupons on my 3 permanent characters in one of my towns. All rights reserved. Animal Crossing and Nintendo are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America. Current Jackpot:. User N ame Lookup:. GC Guides AC: WW Guides AC: CF Guides AC: NL Guides AC: NL General Board. Any quick easy ways to get MEOW coupons? Sponsored Links: What's this?

I know that playing minigames does it, but it's hardly effective. I hear they're way less scary up close Start your own trend and create a pro design. Well, now you do! Tap it 8 times for an extra-special prize. Get started by spending over Bells at Able Sisters! You need the right accessories. Buy 3 fortune cookies, and you'll be good to go. Plant a banana or coconut tree on your town's beach. I mean, what else are you gonna do with a dinosaur head? And here's a helpful tip: Be sure to pick up the latest model at your local store.

Your mayo misses its best friend, Tuna! Catch one from the ocean and reunite this classic combo. Do mother nature a favor and plant 3 tree or shrub saplings. Need to release some of that pent-up frustration? Good thing these fish rarely show up during the day. I wouldn't want to see those teeth sparkle in the sun too often! Plant some flower seeds around town. A lucky item, that is.

Wear today's lucky item for your sweet coupon reward. It's time so show the world what you're capable of! So don't hold back. Go out there and catch 20 bugs. Let your insect pals take center stage, and donate at least one to your local museum. Be polite and learn Dr.

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Shrunk's jokes within the allocated time frame. Better yet? Ask Saharah to redecorate your place for you. Now go catch a bee and give it a stern talking-to. Send someone in your town a letter with a little something extra. Clear out an unwanted item by selling it at Re-Tail. Catch one by fishing in the morning or evening.

Water the flowers in your town 20 times. Pay off your home loan already. See terms and conditions of your contract for more details. Dive into the ocean and catch a giant isopod.

MEOW Coupons

Purchase turnips. Catch the legendary stringfish behind it! Embrace your inner tourist and go on an island tour 1 time. Looking for a little excitement? Then treat yourself! Go crazy and buy something that costs at least 50, Bells. Pick up a part-time job at the Roost.

Town Initiatives

Catch one of these rare living fossils by fishing the rivers at night. Catch a banded dragonfly. Join the team, and share your dreams at the Dream Suite. You're not fooling anyone. Update your TPC with a more recent image. Crack the mystery wide open by collecting 3 cicada shells 3 MEOW Coupons Weekly Pyrotechnic Pro Initiative The "oohs" and "aaahs" will abound when you light up the sky with a custom fireworks display.

Then catch a king salmon. So buy 3 candies and let the sugar-crazed exploits begin.

Hee hee hee! Bury some in the soil, and watch them drink it right up. Why don't you catch one and give it a try? Let the music of K. Slider soothe your weary soul. Stop by his concert at 8 p. This article is a stub. You can help Animal Crossing Wiki by expanding it. Retrieved from " https: Have your fashion sense approved by the fashionista who made spots, like, a thing.

If you're proud of your town, open up your station gates and let 1 guest from out of town through! Every collector knows their pieces'll end up in a museum eventually. Everyday life feeling stagnant? When you can't go to the islands, bring the islands to you! On your next visit to the islands, buy a souvenir.

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