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Thanks for your great comment, Elizabeth! Thank you for your reply, Gina. I look forward to future conversations with you on various topics. A great find at the dollar tree or 99cents stores is the sweetened condensed milk which can be up to 2 or more bucks at the grocery store. The sweetened condensed milk there is not real. Look at the ingredients. The real one is made only with milk and sugar.

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Tide and Gain do NOT come in 1 oz bottles! The hair products, whilst I do tend to agree with part of your statement, it is NOT all true.

17 things to buy at the dollar store

Their Pot holders, I use them all the time and have never had an issue! Its the only place I buy them! As well as kitchen towels. Kitchen utensil, it depends on what your buying. They are NOT all bad! But we get pretty decent toys. My grand kids play with them all the time. Never had an issue! Not a child stays interested for more then a week with a toy anyways! I use to run a daycare They als get some great books for kids and coloring books are awesome!

For pete sake! Now dont get me wrong, Im not saying every thing is a great deal or anything, but it seems to me you are telling people NOT to shop at the dollar tree! I dont know what area you live in but know this. NOT every dollar tree carries the same stuff. Every one of them is shipped different items. So for you to post this stuff is just wrong. Maybe for YOUR area it may be true. But NOT all are the same.

I use their laundry soap and love it! As well as many other products. Our stores dont even carry produce! Quit honestly you come across as snooty. Just because you dont like it dont mean much. To many, its all they can afford. Its a good place if your in a hurry, or need something on the go. I LOVE the dollar tree for shopping. Shari, thanks for your comment. This post was not intended to make anyone stop shopping there.

In any case, I was trying to relay my personal experience and opinion. Thanks again for your comment, have a nice day. I agree with Shari. The candy is usually stale. But the peanuts, cashews, mixed nuts and beef jerkey is a great bargaun, so is stationary, calendars, folders, pens and pencils. Hair clips, headbands and baretts are also great. They have decent bargains on the medicine. Great bargains for name brand toothpaste, tooth brushes and dental hygiene. I love the hand soaps like soft soap or Dial. YEAH the cheap Batteries dont last long either. I recommend you go to Zurchers for balloons.

Hope this was helpful. Holy smokes! You must be the only person that somehow completely missed what Ginas advice is all about. I recommend you read her post again and Thank her for the tips. Praying for you! Have a great day! Hi Gina! I used to work for DT a good while back and for quite a number of years and I agree with you.

Many of the items could be better. At least yrs ago they sold a more upscale product, their items were pretty solid so they were worth the buck. When DT purchased Deals a small corporate dollar store they did so to acquire the ability to sell the frozen food for a buck. Which in my opinion the food at the time ish was not too shabby. But again withing the last 8 yrs or so the DT company has lost their niche in selling great items for such a great price. Thanks for the post Gina! You are right on the nose for quite a bit of that list. Hi Rossi, thanks for commenting!

Glad to hear that others have experienced what I have. Yes, I remember when DT first started and they were awesome and still are. But there are things that I find better quality for the buck elsewhere. The Awesome cleaner at the DT is awesome! I use it for kitchen, floors. You can buy the refill which is larger a few years ago it was a much bigger bottle and pout in into a squirt bottle.

Best Things to Buy & Avoid at the Dollar Store

Crafters have a heyday in the DT. They carry the craft mesh and great wire ribbon, jars and vases. They carry the wire forms for the mesh wreaths and I have found some good yarn for knitting and crocheting. The little kids craft items are great for developing fine motor skills along with small foam number and letter puzzles. I have purchased nice board books and baby books that have real babies pictures or Sesame Street characters.

Watch for the toddle disposeable placemats that keep things more sanitary in restaurants. I think there are per package and they are much higher elsewhere.

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Their silk flowers are very nice and simple holiday signs and decor can be embellished. Lots of treasures still there depending on your family needs or interests. Please read this and every place you see dollar store, fix it yo read what you mean….. May I add Lightbulbs! Dollar Tree carries the Sunbeam brand.

A name you can trust right? What you have left is the screw in part left in your fixture. They have done nothing to address or correct the situation! Wow, I had no idea! Thanks for bringing this up, Lyn.

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Sorry you had to go through that. Did you use the potato truck to take out the light bulb? Personally, all my kitchen supplies at the dollar store. I would rather someone try them out and see what they think, to each there own. I totally agree! I totally agree Jocelyn! Thanks for your comment. I love the dollar tree for so many things. I shop there several times a week. I absolutely love the Dollar Tree too!

Our Dollar tree carries an off brand of medicines that has pills per bottle that we occasionally buy and they are just as good as the name brand. Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

But, its good to know that they are effective. Thanks for mentioning the cleaning products. Hey June, thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear that you can relate! I agree with many of your sentiments but disagree about the lotion. It is a great product, has really helped my daughters eczema and I keep a bottle on the desk for my hands. I also love the Coconut Oil moisturizer in the tub they sell, it smells amazing.

I have researched both of these products and they are safe. Gina, thanks for your opinions! But……when they restocked…so did I! I love this cleaner, so now I have a few just in case they decide not to carry anymore. The yellow Awesome cleaner is great as well. I also buy Betty Crocker items and think they are great!

Just prefer name brand for personal items. Thanks for stopping by Catrina! So many people have told me about their Awesome cleaning products, I have to try them out! Thanks for the tip! Great article. Have you tried the Amazing cleaner? Works great on tough things such as outdoor furniture cushions, ring around the collar, and deodorant stains.

Thanks so stopping by Candy! Also have to consider just what you need in an rv. You do need to check ingredients but name brand small sizes are the same. The unit price may be higher but if the small size is all you need then the higher small quantity price is worth it. Great perspective, Frank! I agree, if your lifestyle and home setting works with buying smaller quantities, then perhaps the Dollar Tree is a better deal for you.

I use the batteries all the time. I use a lot of c batteries both in my candles and in my motion lights. They last for months.. I also use all the others and they last a long time too. Hey Terri! Love your input! I love their cards too. Colgate Toothpaste pump not tube is several dollars cheaper at dollar store than big box stores and deodorant too. Sometime you can get on sale at big box for same price but I usually stock up at dollar store.

What You SHOULD and SHOULDN'T Buy At The Dollar Tree - Shop with Me [ But First, Coffee ]

I do too Wendy! Toothpaste is name brand and the size is decent. You can also use coupons for even more savings. I hate to disagree with Shari about the quality of some items at dollar stores, but there are very good reasons to be vigilant about researching the products you buy. I say this as a proud dollar store shopaholic…my oldest son used to work at a Dollar Giant….

Most plastic products in any dollar store are manufactured in China where the standards for testing toxicity levels are much, much lower than in North America. Those products should not be allowed here, but they still manage to make it to stores. You raise a really good point, Katie, and I totally agree. And there are several colors to choose from. When the holiday season rolls around, buying these items at the dollar store is an easy way to keep costs down! Whatever you like to give, there are plenty of options at the dollar store.

If you need some extra Christmas tree decorations, the dollar store has a variety of ornaments! In addition to socks, the dollar store also has a variety of knit hats, including solid colors and winter patterns. The dollar store has tons of cleaning supplies, from bathroom and tile cleaners to everyday household cleaning products. Navigation Clark's Topics. Clark's Topics. About the author: Alex Thomas Sadler. Alex is the former Managing Editor of Clark.

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deals or dollar tree Deals or dollar tree
deals or dollar tree Deals or dollar tree
deals or dollar tree Deals or dollar tree
deals or dollar tree Deals or dollar tree
deals or dollar tree Deals or dollar tree
deals or dollar tree Deals or dollar tree
deals or dollar tree Deals or dollar tree

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